About Us

We are T.K. and Peggy Bowerman, owners of Bowerman Real Estate Services, and we have a lot of fun practicing real estate!  We have helped thousands of families and individuals with their housing needs since we started in 1986.  It gives us a lot of joy in helping people and developing relationships with good people.

When we started Bowerman Real Estate Services, we established guiding principles for the foundation of everything we do.  We called these guiding principles our “Four Cornerstones of Successâ€�:

  1. Honesty in All Things;
  2. Courtesy and Friendliness;
  3. Professionalism;
  4. Care and Exactness in Serving Others

These Four Cornerstones have served as a sound foundation in guiding us to serve others in the best way we can!  We have experienced a lot of joy and happiness in serving others and raising our family here in Beautiful, Colorful Colorado.

T.K. — T.K. Bowerman is a friendly, courteous outgoing man who strives to create fun and a Win/Win in everything he does.  He worked in construction as a young man, and developed some good knowledge in that arena that helps him serve his clients in real estate issues.  He moved to Boulder in the early 80’s to attend law school, so he has acquired a legal background that also helps him serve his clients in negotiating, solving problems, and just by being generally aware of various types of issues.

Through experience and continuing education, hard work and attention to detail, T.K. makes his clients’ experience in real estate a pleasant one.  He loves serving others, and he does the best job he can to serve their interests!  He is very happy to be of service in this beautiful part of the country and feels very blessed to have the opportunity to help others make their dreams come true.

Peggy — Graduating summa cum laude in Accounting, Peggy Bowerman worked in accounting and banking earlier in her career and handles all the financial accounting services for Bowerman Real Estate Services.  She assists T.K. in real estate sales work, and supervises the staff in many of the property management functions.

Peggy’s professionalism, attention to detail, and fun, easy-going manner make her a joy to be around!  She has a great sense of humor and is friendly to everyone she meets.  She adds a lot to our professionalism and quality control at Bowerman Real Estate Services.

Our staff and employees at Bowerman Real Estate are outstanding, good people.  We create Win/Wins with our staff, and we have a lot of fun as we work hard.  All of our employees and staff members are outgoing, friendly people who are honest, can be counted on, and provide good service.

Please allow us to Serve You!